“I was born on the sea and many of the most important experiences in my life are connected to the marine environment. Over twenty-odd years activity in the nautical field, I have come to understand how owners of large yachts only live the sea and its adventures marginally and that entertainment is mainly limited to activities aboard. The Sport Utility Yacht concept was born with this in mind and offers a new yachting lifestyle which includes marine, sports and adventure activities and which really allows a full discovery of the surrounding world! To give life to this ambitious project I chose to involve two Leaders of the worldwide yachting market: OCEA for its concreteness and solidity and Fulvio De Simoni, a visionary in his own right, for his creativity and innovation”.

OCEANEMO Sport Beach Club Utility Yacht® with the distinctive feature of allowing its owner to enjoy to the fullest all types of entertainment that the sea, nature and adventure have to offer. Objective reached through the design of a series of maxi-yachts with relatively limited lengths but characterized by the capacity to embark a very large quantity of tenders, amenities and toys. The exceptional allocation of spaces, the use of volumes and the design of suitable handling equipment all contribute to making the OCEANEMO unique among its kind. The beauty and harmonious lines of a classic luxury motor-yacht, without losing any of the personality or appeal of a “commanding” Expedition Yacht.

The talent of Naval Architect De Simoni can be seen in the design of the large half-raised deck, below which there is a full beam hangar that effectively allows the doubling of the storage surfaces. In addition, the engine room is designed in a well-defined area the position of which was made possible thanks to a technically innovative propulsion solution. Finally, the very complex structural part in the area of the half-raised deck was developed and made possible with the unquestioned and acclaimed competence of the naval engineers at the OCEA shipyard. Further innovations, developed by designer Fulvio De Simoni, undisputed precursor of yacht concepts, are incorporated into this distinctive yacht.

TOYS to owner's choice

custom yachts from 33 to 70 meters



The luxury of true Custom Yacht, at less than a standard production boat



"All amenities of a 55m+ under 500 tons"



The luxury of true Custom Yacht, at less than a standard production boat

The Shipyard

"OCEA is considered today as a pioneer in the aluminium shipbuilding and enjoys a strong reputation in the professional shipbuilding sector. With 4 production sites located along the French Atlantic Coast. OCEA Shipbuilding delivers annually 10 to 15 vessels up to 85 m long ranging from Fast Patrol Boats and Passenger Vessel to Motor Yachts."

Roland Joassard CEO of OCEA

The Designer

“Different skills and experiences come together in this team of designers. All with an incredible passion for the sea and boats which inspires them in their choices of lines. The OCEANEMO series was conceived with the intention of expressing great solidity and strength and, at the same time, developing a new approach to cruising that can be summarized in the concept of a multipurpose yacht. Our inspiration, a range of modern and dynamic yachts designed to allow great cruising with an adventurous touch. Dedicated to those who want to live the sea passionately!”


Sales Office

Aldo MANNA, creator and owner of the Sport Utility Yacht® concept, nautical engineer since 1994 with over twenty years’ experience in yacht brokerage, together with Jean-Michel FLOUR, Commercial Director for OCEA since 2001.

Aldo Manna



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